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David has been an excellent PR man, going out and spreading the word and accumulating these awards. I thank him, and each of you awarding them.

What can we say?  We're very serious about our work here!

Awarded June 7, 1998. "Your original concept scored high!"

Awarded June 9, 1998. "[SMR] is a lot more interesting then the same old rehash of information..."

Awarded June 10, 1998. "Nice LCARS interface."

Awarded June 11, 1998. "Well done!"

Awarded June 12. 1998.

Awarded June 13, 1998. "You show mcuh attention to details, there is obviously lots of hard work here!"

Awarded June 13, 1998. "...easy to use and easy to navigate, fast loading and rich in content!"

Awarded July 4, 1998. "Good Job!"

Awarded June 14, 1998. "Your site is off to a tremendous start, and I love the design and the layout.

Feel like we deserve an award? Go to the main side bar menu on the databse, and email David Sands!