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David has been an excellent PR man, going out and spreading the word and accumulating these awards. I thank him, and each of you awarding them.

 Awarded by Medical Log: Supplemental.
Awarded December 12, 1998. "Of all the Trek sites I've been to, and believe me when I say I'm widely traveled, your site is completely unlike any other. You don't present Star Trek as is, but project what direction its future holds."

Awarded December 13, 1998.

Awarded December 13, 1998. Congratulations!

Awarded December 20, 1998.

Awarded December 29, 1998. I have examined your site and regret to inform you that your site does not qualify for this award. The reason for this is that the highest ranking this award has is that of Admiral, and your site is deserving of a MUCH higher ranking!

Awarded January 18, 1999. It's wonderful. REALLY !

Awarded February 4, 1999. Compliments!

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