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Whitesquall Sector Incursion
Operations Watchtower, Quail Flush, and First Blood

Stardate 61700.78

On Stardate 61647.18 [0409 hrs GMT, August 24, 2384] Operation Watchtower: Subspace Emmisions Variance Detector Arrays (SEVDA) 834 Alpha and Beta detected tachyonic muon/kaon energy shells indicating a Borg cluster of five to ten cubes on bearing 193 mark 12, advancing toward the Alpha Quadrant. Romulan intelligence gathered over the last eleven years reports that Borg formations of this type usually asunder, each craft taking individual courses to predetermined target locations. This cluster formation was spread out over an area covering 3.287 million kilometers in diameter.

Per BorgOpPlan 001A, Operation Quail Flush was implemented upon reception of encrypted transmissions from SEVDA 834A/B. Alert Defense Station (ADS) 834B, "Hopewell", and assigned G Squadron, "Predator", and ADS 834C, "Rosewood", and assigned H Squadron , "Killjoy", of the Alert Federation Strike Force (FDSF) entered Red Alert. Hopewell updated the Starfleet Defense Condition to Alert One. Operations Mark Time was called at T-00:00:00. Tornado classes (USS Glory, Talon, Aainon, and Pressman) scrambled, leaving dock on or about T-00:13:48. Omega Localized Subspace Nullification (OLSN) missile warhead yields where set to three point five million kilometers diameter spread. Location Zero was established at coordinate grid 0128-0423-0709 (where as 0128 corresponds as 1.28 light-years.)

T-00:25:03 OLSN missiles where launched on intercept course. SEDVA Beta continued to udpdate the Borg heading and flight characteristics. No change had been noted, nor any indication that he Borg knew they where under lock.

T-00:27:00 OLSN Primary and Secondary report fully mission capable and the other two missiles return to Rosewood Station. The Fourth Fleet initiates reduced recall procedures, alerting only the First Intergrated Counter-Collective Task Force. Operation First Blood implemented.

T-00:30:00 A Squadron "Kay-Oh" of the FDSF proceeds to Location Zero at high warp.

T-00:32:21 OLSN Secondary recalls to Hopewell.

T-00:32:35 SEVDA Beta detects one Borg cube pulling away from formation, bearing 283 mark 13.

T-00:32:42 OLSN Primary drops out of warp and detonates. SEVDA scans indicate nullification of subspace at LZ, reporting OLSN missile successful. The array is unable to detect the lone Borg cube.

T-00:48:01 USS Remmington long-range sweeps indicate the debris of four cubes near the LZ and two cube maintaining heading to the AQ at relativistic velocities. Data indicatede the Borg craft underway would reach the edge of the null zone in about five hours minimum.

T-01:45:28 "Kay-Oh" Squadron arrives in theatre. USS Remmington reported that the two cubes closest to the LZ were one third intact and spiraling toward one another under thier gravitational attraction, and the other two where two fifths intact, adrift. Surviving Borg Cubes Two and Three (SBC-2/3) showed minimum power outputs. The Remmington and Colt armed Nemesis Devices and prepared for assault.

Captain Hunnel of the Remmington describes the cripples Borg vessels as:

. . . .unlike any damaged vessel I have ever encountered. The sheer energy of subspace dissipitating had no doubt disassociated the other possible Borg craft, destroying them utterly, and ripping apart these four derelics before us. The other two no doubt escaped destruction by immediately dropping out of transwarp. It is speculative that SBC-1 left formation as planned and had no prior warning of the attact. The use of the Omega molecule is apprehensive at best, but is there no other way to defend ourselves against Borg aggressions? And will the Borg be able to develop a defense against the Omega? I am uncertain, but as I look at the monitor and see those--chewed--remains of the cubes, I can't help but to imagine what it must have been like to experience this hell we have created. I am only thankful that the Borg have no individualism or seat of conscience. I can't imagine unleashing this insurmountable power on a people with more altruistic values. In such I feel a great shock and horror, but no guilt . . . .
T-01:46:11 The Nemesis Devices are launched in a volley of four from each of the two Derringers at SBC-2. The cube shot down two and damaged another before being destroyed by the single hit. SBC-3 showed signs of retreating, but proved more stronger. Combat was limited to mostly torpedo and reduced phaser fire as some directed energy beams require subspace fields to be partially maintained. This put the Borg at a disadvantage as they rely heavily on subspace augmented cutting beams. Likewise, Starfleet was unable to use photon cannons, or raise shields. SBC-3 inflicted damage to the Colt forcing the ship to withdraw from battle. All other Nemesis Devices where destroyed in flight. The USS Arcere (Indomitable class) and the USS Wichitah (Akira class) converged on the cube to deliver final phaser exchange to destroy it. Both vessels incured heavy damage with minimal loss of hands. The USS Austin (Defiant class) proceeded toward the derelics to dispatch the remains with quantum torpedos. It met no resistance.

T-02:25:06 Operation First Blood concluded. All ships return.

T-02:50:22 SEVDA 833 A reports SBC-1 was detected, however its heading was toward the depths of the Beta Quadrant and no ships were sent in pursuit.

The overall mission was a success from all evaluted perspectives. Response times were higher that expected and the use of the OLSN proved that the Borg can be stopped. It is expected that higher comprising numbers of Borg Clusters will warrant more use of unconventional weapons, and lead to more loss of Starfleet property and personnel.

Omega Localized Subspace Nullification has its pros and cons. By destroying a region of subspace, and operating in that theatre, leads to a limitation of weapon systems optional to commanding officers. Also shields are unusable due to the system's requirement of subspace fields to operate. On the other hand transporters are unfunctional, leaving the Borg unable to beam drone teams onto Starfleet vessels.

To futher reduce Starfleet losses, planners have been asked to review smaller yields on OLSN warheads. It is determined that a yield of only ten kilometers in diameter would be enough to destroy each Borg vessel solitarily. Starship captains would like to be able to attack the Borg under full protection of their shields. And many would rather not face the Borg at all in direct combat. Many opt for the Borg destruction at the bathyspacial strata of the continuum. It revives the fire-and-forget practice of aerial combat. However, the damage to subspace is not fully understood and it has shown that regions nullified by the Omega molecule detonations do heal over time, but at a rate significately slower that the tectonic plate movements of most class M planets. The Federation's use of the this destructive force is not the first in the history of spacefarers. Ancient Iconian outpost have been reported to have pockets of diminished subspace regions near them, but these null zones were either originally only several meters across, or the damage to subspace was technologically reversed. More research is needed before ship captains get their wishes.