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Name: USS Apocalypse
Class: Prevaricate
Registry: NCC-83096
Keel Laid: Stardate 50245.29 (March 30, 2373)
Commissioned: Stardate 50981.19 (December 24, 2373)
Motto: "In the fell clutch of circumstance/ I have not winced nor cried aloud/ Under the bludgeonings of chance/ My head is bloody, but unbowed..."


Length: 50 m
Width: 35 m
Height: 20 m
Decks: 1 main deck including the lower hallway to High Intensity Phase Distributor Complex and second deck leading to nacelles
Spaceframe Composition: Tritanium/Duranium Macrofilament
Hull Armor: Mk I Ablative Armor

Warp Drive: MARA Mk IV
Cruising Speed: Warp 5.5
Maximum Sustained Speed: Warp 8.0
Maximum Top Speed: Warp 9.5
Minimum Destructive Speed: Warp 9.99
Fuel Storage: 400 m3 slush deuterium holding tank
Antimatter Storage: 3 standard Mk III Antideuterium Storage Units
Fuel Replenishment: 2 standard Mk II Bussard Particle Ramscoops

Impulse Drive: 2 Mk I Supraluminal Impulse Engines
Primary Power: 2 Mk XVIII Fusion Generators
Auxiliary Power: MARA Mk IV
Maximum Speed: .80 c

Standard Capacity: 6 officers
Maximum Capacity: 20 individuals
Quarters: 1 common area for crew, captain's personal office/ room
- Typically in Class M mode, but can be modified if necessary to Class H, K, L, N, or N(2)

Computer System: LCARS (with holoprojection option)
Cores: 1 biogenic data storage system, 1 redundant targeting computer - subspace processing enhanced with cellular carcinogenic nanite countermeasure genetic therapy

Shields: Hull conformal internal skin grid system - frequency modulated every 2 microseconds
Output: (classified)

Phasers: 1 Type X dorsal array, 1 Type X ventral array
Phaser Canons: 2 Type II Pulse Arrays
Maximum Output: Classified

Torpedo Complement
-Photon: 10
-Quantum: 15
-Tri-Cobalt: requires an optional add-on pylon on the underside; when engaged, 2
-Artificial Quantum Singularity (missile): requires an optional add-on pylon; when engaged, 1
Launchers: One standard Mk I Photon/Quantum Torpedo Launcher

Cloaking Device: Mk II "SpaceGrifter" Sub-phase Cloaking Device - Radiant energetic output resistance/evasion rated at 5500 MW

High Intensity Phase Distributor Complex
- Ten rotating phaser welder/cutters
- Contains Forward Intruding Point System to scan space being entered (contains Type IV phaser as well as multiple active and passive electromagnetic scanners)
- Holographic/Forcefield conformal generator to imitate original hull surface after being cut
- Passageway for soldiers with 2 m diameter

- Multiple angle active electromagnetic scanner
- 360 degree passive electromagnetic array
- Tachyon scanner

- 2 Class V Reconnaissance probes
- 2 Class VIII Reconnaissance probes
- 1 Class IX Multimission Probe

- 1 personal transporter
- 1 emergency transporter located in Engineering

Holographic Engineering Systems
- 2 simultaneous Mk II Emergency Engineering Holograms

- Surgical/Dental Suite
- Cosmetic Alteration Suite
- 2 simultaneous Mk III Emergency Medical Holograms
- Optional Biohazard Isolation unit

Holofacilities: 2 Holoclosets


The USS Apocalypse, the second Prevaricate, was launched a little over a year after the Shadow Horseman and gained from the engineering experience of its predecessor. It featured for the first time the new Supraluminal Impulse Engines for non-warp propulsion that increased the speed of the Apocalypse from .75 c to a whopping .80 c. The engines work on the basis of injecting plasma through a subspace field to propell the energy to faster than light speeds. The propulsion itself does not actually push the ship into warp, as that requires total ship emcompassing asymetric peristaltic subspace fields, but pushes the ship to near light speed. The engine is currently being applied to the new Starfleet Military Reserve Fleet's prototype Type IV Bonzai fighter.
A new targeting computer core was also added since some operations aboard the Shadow Horseman demonstrated that even more computer space would be needed. Given the memory and processing intensive nature of targeting, the controls for it were given a dedicated backup incase of overloaded memory of the first line core.
Another limitation seen in the use of computers were that the subspace fields used to increase processing speed were found to cause cancer inthe living nerve cells used in bio-neural gel packs. The solution was to bend the prohibition of genetic testing on humans and produce nanites that would actively seek out and reconfigure carcinogenic DNA as seen fit.
The Apocalypse has also fielded the Intruding Point System attachment to the HIPD. Its function is to descend into a ship before the SO team drops down and clears out any opposition with its phasers, without risking injury to the operatives.
As an additional safety measure, an emergency transport was placed in Engineering. A second Mk II EMH was added as well. An emergency ejectable bridge was also installed for the first time with ejection seats for all bridge stations as a backup. This came very useful as on one mission the Apocalypse had to eject its bridge as the ship engaged a Romulan Warbird from inside that vessel's shielding and was caught in the blast. The Apocalypse was put into dry dock for six months, but, thanks to the bridge ejection system, the crew was unharmed.
Perhaps the greatest contribution to SO technology was the first fielding of "Holoclosets": rooms big enough that a person's maximum reach would not touch any of the walls that functions exactly like a regular holodeck without the loss of space; this is extremely important as it makes rehearsals of missions possible for the first time on a Prevaricate independent of a ferrying ship, reducing operational security risks.
All these improvements did add another meter of length to the Prevaricate design, but more than made up for its increased safety and ease of use. It was also upgraded with a series of hardpoints along the ventral side of the ship to enable launch of the new Artificial Quantum Singularity Missile and the Tri-Cobalt Torpedo.

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