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The AQS missile is only intended for use against threat forces meeting the following specific criterion:

  1. Origin outside United Federation of Planets (UFP) territory
  2. Technologically advanced beyond best-case UFP levels
  3. Exhibits hostile behavior which imposes a risk to Federation peace and security.

This weapon is meant to be employed when all other measures fail and loss of vessel is imminate and escape is impossible. The only exception is allowed for engagements with Borg vessels. Even during so the use of the AQSM should be weighed heavily due to the nature of the warhead.


Upon Yellow Alert, the missile is prepared for Standby Mode. It is loaded into the launch bay and the initiator plasma feeds are connected, magnetized, and pressurized for immediate feeding. Level 4 diagnostic is ran on all missile systems. During Red Alert, initiator plasma is fed into the missile's quantum flywheel to start the graviton stator and provide ingnition power. The inertial containment field is activated around the AQS core chamber. Target information is downloaded to the central processor. Plasma is routed to holding tanks for warp launch.

On the command to fire, The missile is launched from the vessel or facility by a modified torpedo launcher. Once clear of the ship, the graviton cascade system activates, starting a chain reaction that increases the density of the gravity field inside the missile. Once the AQS is created, deutuerium is fed into the core chamber to create plasma. Aft of the chamber, behind the warp coils, the EPS power tap charges to attract the plasma from the AQS. This plasma feeds down the plasma conduit, saturating the warp coils and accelerating the missile into warp. The highest, effecient warp factor sustainable is 6 at adaquate velocity. For stealth, the AQSM employs PIMESS and HHP systems. Cloaking devices are not installed as the AQS system power requirements are too great to afford such system effeciently. Once the missile finds its target, or target group, it determines the best coordinates to detonate. The warp motor is shut down, leaving the missile to coast to target, once it reaches it detonation point, the central processor deactivates the inertial containment field. The gravity of the AQS is now free to act upon the targets, drawing them into its gravity well.

The AQSM Mk II is identical to the AQSM Mk I with the addition of an impulse booster stage. This modification allows it to be launched from internal bays, external hull hardpoints, or pylons. Craft without space for a regular launcher may be easily modified to carry the AQSM Mk II.

The AQSM Mk III is internally configured to support a quantum flywheel as a main power source and creates the singularity warhead at target proximity.

LRAdm Cargile

ASQM 1998, Paul S Cargile. Use with permission.