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Cellular Carcinogenic Nanite Countermeasure Genetic Therapy

One problem with the use of bio-neural circuitry in LCARS database storage is the presence of the subspace fields commonly employed to speed processing by more than seven time light speed. While this has never been seen as a problem before, the time dilation of it was found to cause cancer in the natural nerve cells by altering their DNA. A consortium of Starfleet Medical R&D and Starfleet Microengineering R&D found a way around this by using nanites to monitor cells and "turn off" those activated "cell hyperproduction" genes. This also may have applications in data storage structure reproduction technology, as one day it is hoped that nanites my be produced that could "farm" more cells with proper organic materials within the computer itself over time. This could reduce the inherent filling of computer storage space and could reduce the need for data compression (also called "zipping"), making data retrieval time shorter.