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Starfleet Military Reserves Critiria

In order to be induced into the Mitlitary Reservers, applicates must first have completed the Starfleet Academy. Those that pass more stringent physicals and apptitude tests enter First Level Security Division Training. After this trainees are given the option of entering the Fleet Forces, or the Aero/Ground Forces. Each Force has it's own training requirements and thusly differ. Any training meeting higher standards are asked to join other Starfleet Agencies, with the option to turn down the offer.

Memembers in Starfleet who wish to transfer into the Reserves who are in the Security Division have their personal dossier reviewed. Any reqiurements not meet must be complied with prior to reassignment. Those personnel not in the Security Division must attend First Level Security Training, or any level of Security Training they have not yet received during their prior tours.