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The Derringer class is designed as an alert vessel to be deployed upon detection or communication of Threat Vessels on approaching vectors. For this reason it has a small cargo hold, and a large torpedo stores. It has not been designed to for long crew duration missions, thus it lacks many comforts, including holodecks.
Length: 153.5 meters
Beam: 164 meters
Height: 39 meters

Officer compliment: 10
Crew compliment: 30

Warp Propulsion: 4:8 T/MARA
Cruise Warp: 9WF
Maximum Warp: 9.986WF
Emergency Warp: 9.992WF for 20 hours
Impulse Propulsion: two Gravitic Fusion 108Isp Enhanced Maneuvering Impulse Drivers
Criuse Impulse: .25c
Maximum Impulse: .70cwith sysmetric subspace field for mass, and time dilation reduction.
Emergency Impulse: .70c, .90c with M/TDR-SS field.


The Derringer is not meant to be a stand alone vessel, but in combat it will be one of the first craft to open fire. New technology involving force field vectoring impulse exhaust has proven that this ship is able to out maneuver even the Defiant class. The FFV system is backed with a mechanical vectoring system for enmergencies, which degrades the manueverabilty by 63 percent. The IDS has been grealy enhanced to support the rapid velocity vector and attitude changes capable. Main attack plan is hit and run. Both the phaser cannons and the torpedo launcher face forward and only have a 0 degree attack bearing. The primary attack is usually a rapid salvo of torpedo and phaser fire to quickly overwhealm target shields.