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Federation Council

Members of the United Federation of Planets are represented by the Federation Council. Each planet is required one member and no more than five for worlds with more than one nation state. It is not the business of the Council to administer supreme government over the planets but to ensure security and trade for those planets and their spacefaring fleets. The Council shall make no law that infringes upon a planetary government's sovereignty, and recognizes that each race is culturally different. The Council is responsible to issue Laws of Space, governing interstellar space and its usages. All worlds requesting membership must vow to abide by such regulations stated therein.

The Council's duties include: maintain interplanetary peace and security, foster amicable relations among worlds, achieve cooperation in solving economic, social, and altruistic problems, and encourage sentient rights and freedoms.

The Council goes to session at mark 200 stardate units (SDU) for 200 consecutive units. Emergency sessions may be opened at any other time for any reasonable amout of time. Members are selected for a term of two 1000 SDU and can be reselected for no more than thrice. The Council elects a President who serves a term of two 1000 SDU and can be elected for another term. The President also has the deciding vote for Council actions.

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