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This comprehensive map of the Milky Way galaxy was discovered in Memory Alpha with no indentifing codes to determine from whom it was input, or when, or by what means. This map is mystery and Starfleet Command regard it as a hoax.
It has simularities with other maps contained here at Deep Space V-1, prompting the Military Reserves to view this as a possible accuracy. Theories for it's existance range from data collection through temporal displacement to disclosure by possible Q Continuum members.
Of this map it has been determined to mark hegemonies known, unknown, and galatically hostile. Intensity of coloration is believed to be population density, although not all densities match current census records. Yellow empires are the known galatic powers. White empires represent unknown powers. It is possible that the many scattered low density white spangles could be space-faring races that belong to no empire. Red is plainly the Borg. It is disturbing to ponder what the red lines mean. This could be some sort of artificial wormhole gate system. Notibly one such terminus is sectors away from Sector J-25, and sectors away from the current Borg encounters.
Starfleet Military Reserves is planning to test the viability of the map by launching an scouting mission to the closest Borg concentration to discover whether or not such a possible wormhole system exsist and is in place or not.
The grey lines appear to represent active wormholes.