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Ron'Saier United Defence Force and Starfleet Military Reserves Headquarters

Surface Installation

This is the Military Reserves' prime Headquaters located on the surface of Ron'Saier at 0 longitude by 28.7 north latitude. The stock pre-fabricated installation measures an adverage 2.5 kilometers across. Main offices and Research facilities for Technology Advancement, and Starship Refit and Construction are based here with associate facilities in orbit, in system, and in other sectors within the Federation. A Special Operations Center directs and trains said forces on planet, and colaborates with TA and SRC bureaus for material and equipment needs.

The Liaison Complex holds the offices of Federation, Cooperative Non-Aligned, Klingon, and Romulan Ambassadors, as well as the main conference halls.

Living space is provided for outdoor condominiums, and indoor apartments. A shaded park supplies outdoor relaxation and activities located between the housing zones. Other recreation centers are beside the outdoor residences, including piers for leisure water activities, theatres, and rental holosuites.

Base defense is provided via nested metaphasic shields, type XII planetary phaser arrays, quantum missile launch facilities, supplemented by orbital defense stations and any military vessels which may be available.

Orbital and System Installations

Operations Command Spacedock

The spacedock oribtal station is also known as Deep Space V-1, V as in the Vespane Treaties that authorized its use. DSV 1 is the prime Operations Center for the United Defense Force and the Starfleet Military Reserves. The internal arrangement has been modified to accomadate repairs and minor refits of all three Local Galactic Power starships and craft, excluding D'deridex Warbirds.

Except when high level security protocols are in force, the installation is open to any Federation and neighboring Empire government official of any rank or agency. This is to maintain trust and strengthen the internal security of the United Federation of Planets. Planetary systems petitioning to join the Federation are invited to visit these facilities to provide a clear understanding of how Starfleet plans to provide security for explored territories in the Alpha Quadrant.

Type 8 Installations

Five Type 8 starbases are distributed throughout the Ron'Saier system. These can supply emergency repairs and are able to dock smaller craft such as the Rapier, Saber, Defiant, and Prevaricate class ships, as well the Type IV Bonzai fighter, and auxillary craft. Each starbase has a specific duty and mission profile dependant on its placement in the system. Deep Space RS 1 is located close in system between the sun and RS I and is a test station for metaphasic shield upgrades and gravity well piloting training. DSRS 2 orbits RS II and is a staging area for SO training missions on the lifeless planet below. Orbiting Ron'Saier, DSRS 3 is responcible for Task Force assignments and handling specific Operation Planning. At 7 AUs, DS A7 orbits with an asteroid cluster. This is the prime firing range for the SMR fleet's weapons testing. DSRS VI is another pilot training facility.

Here the multitude of small moons (57 asteroids)and a ring system offer the challenge of obstacle avoidance.

Construction Docks

The Ron'Saier Ship Yards can build twelve starships and up to 40 auxiliary craft at once. Six enclosed dry-docks ring each complex with four internal deep construction bays. Smaller warships can be refitted within these bays. The Construction Docks are also the site of a majority of research, development, and materials testing.

Other Key Installations

images 1998 Paul Cargile. Use with Permission.