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Namesakes and Dedication Plaques

A straight edged sword.
"Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" 19th century Adm. David Farragut.
Sea monster from Norse mythology.
Let a Warrior's mettle be tested on this honorable day of Blood. Klingon battle prayer.
Note: Because of it registry, the Kraken is better known as "The Beast", although no one is certian where this derives from.
20th century military submarine.
". . .be damned careful gentlemen, war can breed insanity in the best of us." FltCapt. Michael Garth, after his recovery.
a shark.
"Fast as a shark and you'd better watch out, 'cause the killer's on the attack. . ." 20th century song by metal group Accept.
one than incurs great damage.
"Make a hole." old military term for 'I'm coming through and you'd best move out of my way.'

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