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Tholians Develop Transwarp Drive

(FNO)Starfleet Intelligence has released confirmed reports that the Tholian Assemble now has a working transwarp drive and is in the process of constructing a fleet that will use the technology. No official word has been made by the Tholians and it is unclear what their intentions are. Reports from the Tholian Border Patrol indicate no large fleet movements and no unusal behaivor or threating acts towards Starfleet. Lt. Cmdr Annet Horjs of INTEL says that the Tholians seem more concerned about their outer border now that segments of the Galatic Barrier have been shut down.
Captain Roland Lyons of the USS Pridelands, Ranger class, spoke on such concerns: "The Galatic Barrier has always been an energy field ellusive to [Starfleet] sensors. We have known this field to cause psionic powers in some humans, and now that the Klingon Empire has discovered an artificial production of the field, the energy barrier's intentions become more curious. The fact that the Tholians are drawing attention to this field causes wonder in Starfleet Command. The loss of the Klingon survey team in that area is also an added factor. Currently we cannot say what lies across that Barrier, and if a threat is, at all, possible."
Thus far the Tholians have not asked for help in this matter. Starfleet Command awaits furthur development before action will be considered for implementation.

32 Die in AGF Accident

(FISP) A warp core breach on a type nine shuttle landing took the lives of the crew and two passengers, and 32 Corpsmen at Fort Myers on Ron'Saier this weekend. The shuttle Halford was scheduled to land at Fort Myers at 2200 local time to deliver Capt. Jeremia Calford and Ens. Kimberly Gyss of the USS Sethen. Communications with the shuttle Everette established a malfunction in the minicore coolant system. the anolomy was too swift to afford ejection of the MARA or transport off the shuttle. The antimater explosion affected the First and Second Platoons of Zeta Company, who were embarking a transort for exercise duties off-world. The transport Zharuga was destroyed as well. The names of the Corpsmen killed in the accident have not yet been released, pending DNA scans and family notifications. Also killed in the blast was 1st LT Gunter Usserby, pilot, and 2nd LT Geofrey Taay, co-pilot, of the Halford.
Also, fifteen were listed in crital condition, and eighty-nine were injured.
Ceremonial services for all those that lost lives will be held Wednesday, at the Command Headquaters Facitily, Central Park at 1400 hours (SD 61556.23)

Cardassian Supremist Attack Bajoran Peacekeepers

(FNO)The Bajorain Peacekeeping Force suffered setbacks in delivering aid on Cardassia Prime when the supremist group "Black Hand" launched an attack on a supply convoy headed towards Gassona of the Litmaku Providence. Twelve Peacekeepers where killed along with five civilian Cardassians in the newest terrorist attack in four years. The Peacekeepers were participants in Operation Partisan, dedicated to medical and sustenance supplies to the proveidence.
The Cardassian government shunned the act and vowed to assist the Federation to bringing "Black Hand" to justice. The Federation Council praised the Cardassians for their enthusiasm in this endeavor to convict those responcible.
On the other hand, the Bajoran Parliment was talked out of issuing military strikes against supposed terrorist camps on Cardassia Prime. The Federation Council urged that UFP judiciary action must take precendence, and assured that the law would be upheld. The Bajoran Parliment had planned to violate the Anti-Aggression Treaty, yet was disuaded to allow UFP proceedings to handle the situation.

Borg Invasion Possible

Since the inception of the SMR and the United Defence Force, there have been three Borg incursions, all have been withstood, yet there is growing concern about how much the Borg have learned from our technology. Many leaders want to put a rush on the new starships planned to defend against the Borg and other hostile races, but Starfleet Command insists that such urgency will weaken the ability of such planned starships. Adm Dunhew stated that, ". . .even though we have [exercized] with the new technology we incorporate, it's hard to guage how it's going to affect the Borg in a worst case senerio. Rushing production will certainly kill our efforts to providing Federation security. We must test these weapons platforms accurately." Thus far the current starships in inventory that have encountered the Borg have good service records, and prove they are able to do the job required of them.
Analyst state: "The Borg seem to be in no big hurry. The largest single number encountered was during the Dominion War by the Romulans, who counted five cubes. They were able to destroy three of them and severaly cripple the later two with a AQS core liberation. However, an all out invasion by the Borg will make the Dominion War petty by standards. So far tHe Borg show no intentions of an all out invasion, but preperations must be made."
Admiral Jellico says of the Threat, "From what we have gathered of the USS Voyager, the Borg are occupied with assimulating thousands of species. This, however, does not mean we are going to be lax in our duties. We have operational plans to deal with a large number of Borg vessles, and stopping them before they reach the Great Powers' space."

Tholians Erect Web Over Chin Soo

(FISP)Territorial disputes flared again along the edge of the spiral arm as Tholian Instigators annexed Chin Soo, a Class K planet mined for indium, which is used in polyduranium. Three hundred twenty-seven Federation citizens are trapped on surface. Tholians ambassadors announced that they will allow relief ships to evacuate the persons below, but any attempt to retake the system will result in the death of all citizens. The Council condemned the act, stating that Chin Soo fell well within the determined boarders between the Federation and the Tholian Assmembly, and that their actions was the closest to an act of war between the two powers since 2305 CE. The Tholian Chicher Dynasty said that it was only going to recognize the ancient territories that existed before contact with the Federation. How large that ancient territory extends is unknown.
Starfleet engineers have yet to find a defense against the imfamous Web, that uses subspace disturbances to disrupt starship operation. Tholians exist partially in subspace and have a better understanding of the phenomenon, and have been targets of valued allies in subspace engineering and warp physics. It has been for for this reason that the Federation has been pursuiant to forming a lasting peace with the Tholians.
Relief ships have been deployed to the crisis. Blacksheep Squadron, of the 3rd Fleet, TF4, is also on call to intervene once the situation warrants.

GeoCity Hackers Disrupt Station 4124

(FNO)A computer anolomy was discovered by LCARS users, reporting that the GeoCities logo had embeded itself onto the display output. Adm. Yut, the Station commander, has said that all attempts to flush out the virus have failed, as the virus is remarkably reproductive, yet personel are working hard to remedy the bothersome effect. GeoCities is an information enterprise located on Fereginar that uses subversive and explotative advertising techniques. Anyone with information on how to stop GeoCities may reach the Federation Security Branch on subspace frequency 800-1120B.

Anti-Borg Nanoprobes Deemed Success

(FNO)Starfleet Medical announced the success of the anti-Borg nanoprobes. The ABNPs were developed after study of the USS Voyager's medical logs and EMH Mark 1's research in that field. Doctor Austine, head of the Advanced Technological Medicines Department gave praise to those that helped bring about this technology, saying that the ABNPs were ". . .a person's robotic anti-bodies." Questions about Borg adaptablity were raised and the possiblity of the anti-probes being compromised. Dr. Austine replied quickly and jocularly with, "Fight Borg with Borg," impling that Borg technology and application was used in creating the units. He further credited previously assimulated Seven Ofnine with many of the developments. Miss Ofnine refused to answer any questions, appearing uncomfortable before reporters.
The ABNPs has become standard innoculation requirements for all SMR personnel. The ABNP cannot provide immediate protection from assimulaton processes, but henders the process and ultimately stops it. Those experinceing assimulation will notice fatigue and general sickness of levels determined by personal stamina.

Registration Numbering Due to Change

(FNO). The Starfleet Command Staff meet today with Exploratory and Reserve advisors to discuss the direction assigning sharship registration numbers is heading. Materiels Command already has new ships scheduled for constructions with numbers in the 96000 range. Many feel that extending into the 6th digit range will clutter ship hulls. Thus far, Starfleet Proper hasn't been able to resolve their future registration scheme, although at press time, resetting to the 1000's is an option. The Military Reserves, however settled on an agreement to add starship designation lettering to prefix the number.
For example, the Indominable class battleship, currently in production, has been given the registration NCC-B001. Following this, cruisers will be annotated as C, Frigates, F, Destroyer/Escorts, D, Assault, A and Utility as U.
Adm Cargile, head of the SMR Starship Design Department, stated, "This is the easiest way of renumbering our ships. Not only do we shorten the number, but we add a way of recognizing classifications remnisent of ancient Naval practices."

Antares Shipyard Turned over to SMR

(FNO)The Antares Shipyards have been turned over to the Reserves to increase production and lessen the production tempo for the Ron'Saier facilities, already five months behind in Indominable class construction. Production at the Antares Shipyards was halted last year after the USS Oakland was launched, for periodic station up-grades and overhauls. It's scheduled to begin Chikara class construction next month.

Klingon Surveyors Missing

(Qh'S)A fleet of three Vor'cha, and two K'Vort class vessles making up the 8th Surveyor Mission has lost contact with the High Command, Klingon officials stated. The fleet's primary mission was to explore the Galactic Barrier that expands along the edge of the spiral arm for several thousands of light-years. Reports have confirmed the energy barrier is artificial, when a deactivated array had been discovered at one end of the barrier by the fleet. The fleet left a communcation relay buoy before heading out along the other side of the barrier. Afterwards communication with the fleet was lost. Sources say that the relay is broadcasting a signal back to the High Command when prompted.