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Thermodynmic Vest
Phaser Armor Mk I

A vest-like piece of armor protecting a person through the use of gradual thermodynamic leakage of rectified phased energy. It is a network of fushigi-no-umi crystals aligned along the surface of a false spherical order (a vest shaped sphere.) Two aligments of crystals are in the network. Upon introduction of a phaser blast, the outer crystals channel energy in a direction parallel to the surface of a body. The energy is then trapped in the parallel series of crystals that simply conduct it around the vest until it dissipates in the form of heat. The crystals are specially purified to reduce the presence of other trace elements that could leak the energy in visible form. The functional durability of the vest is limited by the degradation of the network of the crystals. The introduction of phaser blasts induces higher vibration rates in the molecular structure. Because the crystals do not dissipate light, they must release energy as heat, creating more vibrational stress on the finely organized structure and inducing more entropy. Obviously stronger phaser blasts will lessen degradation time. Over time the network of crystals unalign, increasingly they will point toward the body and not deflect energy away from it. In order to prevent burns from the heat dissipated from the suit, a thermal layer is sewn in under the crystal layer. Over top the crystal layer a tear and puncture resistant cloth is placed to help prevent vest damage and also provides a small margin of physical armoring to the wearer.

Proposed by Capt David Sands, CO USS Apocalypse, Chief SO Technology Researcher/Evaluator