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Welcome to Starfleet Military Reserves' LCARS Database

Deep Space V-1

This database contains information regarding the Reserves, the SMR surface, orbital, and space installations, the Ron'Saier system, new technologies, refits, and new arsenal ships, and Special Operations.

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New, Limited Shield System Developed

(FNO)Starfleet Command has released information concerning new technology for advanced shield systems that will provide total protection for starships upgraded, for a limited time during use. The new system is called Quantum Virtual Shielding, and its origins start at Starfleet's Alternative Propulsion Branch.

What we were trying to produce, based off technology spun off the quantum torpedo, was a viable power source based on zero-point energy. Tapping this energy will revolutionize warp drive as we know it and may allow transwarp drive. That's our ultimate goal. But. . .
We were playing with twisting and convulting pockets of space and subspace to draw out the ZPE so we could tap it. We had a density field up and running and I went to run a scan on it. However, in my excitement I selected an active scan instead of a kaon interferometry scan. We detected an annihiliation process within the field--gamma bursts and what have you. We ran some more scans, both passive and active. All active scans result in annihilation. Lt. Ackers then goes to the weapons locker and comes back. Since the field degraded we had to restart it. Once it was full strength, he fires the phaser. The beam is totally destroyed.

Ensign Robert Y. Freeman

The zero-point density field works on the principle that within space virtual pairs of particles and their anti-particles are created and annihiliated in Plank time. These new distortions of subspace and space create an area where incoming particles, photons, or thier respective exotic types are matched by the anti-particles, -photons, or -exotic types. This results in the total annihiliation of beam weaponery, from phasers to tractor beams.
The drawback to such a system is the amount of power needed to create and sustain the ZPE density field. At press time the warp core must produce three to five pentawatts. The field also exihibits a tendency to destabilize after a few minutes. current T/MARA (Toroidal warp cores) can produce the power needed, but the Quantum Virtual Shields can only be operated at full power for a little over five minutes.
The [Starfleet Military Reserves] Fast Attack vessel, the Derringer class, is being refit with the QVS for protection during straffing runs. The shield will work well as a rear defense, but standard metaphasic shields must be used during an attack because QVS will destroy active outgoing scans.

Cardassian/Zalkonian Faction Raid Almora IV with New Ship

(FISP) Freighters entering the Almora IV colony were suprise attacked on SD63007.46 by a new type of raider hiding in subspace. Starfleet has dubbed these vessels Hunter-Killers. The Cardassian/Zalkonian Brem Ha Cur Faction has claimed responsibitlity. The attacks destroyed two freighters carrying food stock materials, and one transporting orbital power relays.
The attacks are meant to hinder Federation expansion along the previous Cardassian border. The Zalkonian Traditionalist group are believed to have supplied the Cardassians with the technology to hide ships in subspace via stable static subspace fields.
Admiral K'Tari of the Colonial Command stated that such violence will always result in failure and new worlds found by the Exploratory Fleet will be colonized if desirable.
The Military Reserves have vowed to protect the EF and CC sister commands by fitting the Rapier class multipurpose destroyer with a subspace stabilization pod to counter-act on the hunter-killers. RAdm Angelica Shuester of the Third Fleet (SMR) remarked that this will re-intruduce "submarine" warfare.
Since the close of the Dominion War, there have been a few Cardassian militarist factions that refused to adhere to the Treaty of Bajor. The Brem Ha Cur faction meet Zalkonian Traditionalist who choose not to metamophis with their cuture and grew power hungry after the small population inheritied the abundance of resources left over from the Transition. The Traditionalist have long since blamed the Federation and Starfleet for promoting the "destruction of their culture" by allowing one refugee Zalkonian to transend to a hight state of being. Zalkon is fast becoming a mecca for militias and criminal organization strongly opposing the Federation.

Naussicaans Claim Injustice

(FNO)Naussicaan Peace Protestors rallied outside the Ron 'Saier Headquarters yesterday in defiance of an earlier Orion Syndicate mop-up operation that incarcerated a majority of the Nassicaan Ge'Trikk crime family. The Peace Protestors argued that Starfleet's use of the Reserves was ". . .an abuse of power, sneaky, and [under-handed]. . ." Starfleet Command refused to ellaborate the details but said that responding to [the Naussicaans'] claims was a waste of time.
Commander Wendel Sources of Starfleet Public Relations stated that to his knowledge, the SMR followed strict guidelines on carrying out that operations and the Naussicaans protesting were just "making noise."
The Naussicaan protesters, a musical band known for playing loud, fast tempos, arrived at Ron 'Saier to entertain the troops this week.

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