Starfleet Military Reserves

Star Trek's™ Untied Federation of Planets doesn't have a dedicated military force, but that is just what it should have had decades ago. That is just what we will show you--a powerful armada that keeps the peace and prevents invasion from hostile alien forces. But we will not just show ships, but the history of the Reserves, it's logistics, and advanced technology. Long Live the Alpha Quad!

How the site happened

Borg. Dominion. These forces have dealt Starfleet serious blows. On a bullentin board at Utopia Planitia website, me and a several others debated Starfleet's Biggest Mistakes. We concluded that Starfleet slacked off in its combat technology and production in favor of starships that were predominately Explorers. In light of the lastest episodes and movies, the Federation paid the price for that mistake. This is an idea of what Starfleet would have if it devoted time and energy to warships.
Another flint that helped spark this was the number of fan warships that dominate the Internet. I haven't ran across a e-mail sim group that was interested in exploration, well, maybe a few, but most want to kick the stuffing out of some badass alien force.
Maybe Paramount doesn't want a Starfleet Military Force, but everyone else does, and they make their own.


Site creator: Me, Paul S. Cargile, starship and weapon design.
With help from:
Robert "Baloo" Dunehew, advanced technolgy and weapons design.
C. David Sands III, Special Operations, special operations technology, and starships.
David Highlander, creator of Special Operations and its starships.
Special Thanks to
Tom Varvaresos for art work. And to Mike Wright for outstanding Prevaricate class animations.

David S and Robert did not ask to join this endeavor, I asked them because they impressed me and met my high standards. Likewise David H and Tom where asked by David S for similar reasons. What this means is that I don't need anymore help. Five people is enough as it is. Also we have already made plans for the updates that will fill up the rest of this site's memory allocation. Thus, I polity decline offers of "joining" the SMR. Sorry. No thanks.


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Thank You and Enjoy.

Monthly I get requests from people asking to use some SMR ship or technology. And as always I reply with a hearty "Go ahead!" Well I will not speak for the other artists and authors here on the site, but I will extend my permission for anyone to use what I have created for their own use. All I ask is for the creation credit.
Most of those that have asked for use my ships, do so with sim groups and/or RPGs. That's fine. And, as usual, any questions, just ask.
And remember, the SMR universe takes place after the Dominion War and is more concentrated on defeating the Borg. The current stardate is on the Reservists Newsletter banner, although the month and date is current to the actual month and date.
And a request for those that do use a class ship, e-mail me the name and registry so that I can create a registry database.

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Armageddon Forever...

Souls of Shadows

___ It all started back in the summer months (I think) of 1997 when someone posted an advertisement for their website on the Utopia Planitia forum. I must admit I didn't pay too close attention to it. But I asked a question about whether there were special forces in Star Trek a month or two later. I remember still as if it was yesterday a guy by the name of David Highlander responding that he did fan fiction on the premise of an organization in Starfleet that did just that. I looked at his site. From there I was hooked.
___ I read every story he posted intently enveloped in the sheer logic of his concept. "Why hadn't Starfleet seen the light?" I asked myself. Here we are in the twentieth century. We use computers, lasers, explosives, parachutes, submersibles, and hosts of other classified and unclassified methods of getting people into position to fight low intensity conflicts. None of these tools are simple to use or easily employed by just anyone. "Why shouldn't Star Trek be the same?" I asked myself. Every week we see untold thousands of advancements in every area of scientific theory and application. Senior officers seem well versed in what is now Ph. D. dissertation material. In today's world we have more hotspots around the globe than could be counted on two hands that all could benefit from unconventional warfare. There are so many worlds out there in the galaxy that could need limited Federation support for their causes. Is infantry specialization a concept that has escaped the production staff at Paramount?
___ From that point I decided to dedicate myself to the exposition and value of a special forces concept for Starfleet. I thought. I consulted. I wrote. I rewrote. And finally I had the guts to send David my suggestions for improvement. Hoping he would not see me as an upstart, I prayed my work would be received well. It was. So well I was asked to be an editor. I want to say it was the proudest day of my artistic life. All the work was worth it. From that point I worked incessantly to help David make the best fan fiction he possibly could, pushing the envelope of our collective knowledge to absolute limit. We collaborated on characters, technology, and plot lines. And it got good... really good.
___ But I didn't stop there. The past five months for me at the time of this composition have been quite hectic. School, the Mary Washington College Honor Council, being a Resident Assistant to a floor of 11 guys, plus a very devoted and loving girlfriend have all given me a very special period here. However, I continued to extol the virtues of unconventional warfare on the UP board in several long posts. We debated why Colonel West was a colonel. We discussed why special warriors were not brought in for certain episodes in Star Trek: The Next Generation where they might have done a better job. Perhaps the most famous string of the board was "Starfleet's Biggest Mistakes." It was there every major contributor to that (still now) growing board gave their very sophisticated opinions on how they thought Starfleet could have done a better job.
___ Seeing the value of this very rational, very informative discussion, I started another string. I titled it "Another Biggest Mistake..." It dealt with the lack of operational realism in many episodes of Star Trek especially in the case of special operations. It was there Paul Cargile, Robert "Baloo" Dunehew, and I realized where we all stood on the issue of special forces. It was like we read each other's minds on what we believed Starfleet should have been doing. In fact, we were so in agreement, one afternoon after getting back from class, I got an email from Paul. He said he was putting together a site where all that discussion on the board could have hypothetically lead to if the Federation were to take a philosophically military stance after the Dominion War. He offered me a chance to test my writing and conceptual mettle. I did more than jump...
___ I flew.
___ After hours of work and consultation with David, Paul, and Baloo, I bring you these writeups that I think say something about a subject very neglected in the Star Trek Universe. Gene Roddenberry had a vision. One of hope. One of dreams. One of realization. I loved it. And I still do.
___ But as I grew in age and the certainty of childhood faded, I realized everything as portrayed on the shows and movies was not as cut and dry as we would hope. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was the first show to clash with the tradition of optimism by introducing the realism of ambivalence to morality. In thinking and conceptualizing on these writeups I present here, I believe this issue of ethical certainty can be explored further. I think that David Highlander's series is a testament to the men who have bled on the battlefields of wars past in ways not commonly thought of as glorious, glamor-filled, sexy, or "cool" like Top Gun or The Hunt for Red October; it is an exploration of the moral endurance of these individuals who personally deal with the dilemmas the world places on their shoulders. David's concept I believe is a return to the tales of individuals who must decide the fates of nations by their own actions; his is a far-too neglected style of gritty, hard-hitting narrative on the order of movies like The Bridge on the River Kwai, Braveheart, or Apocalypse Now. Stories where the good guys winning the big chase at the end is not necessarily a cut and dry moral victory.
___ Episodes on television like "Pegasus", "The Gift", "Nemesis", and "In the Pale Moonlight" are given their day. They challenge us to examine our own moral stances. I want to give them more time than that to communicate their message. That's why I write about Special Operations. This is what drives me to create. This is how I explore new worlds.
___ These concepts push the known realm of fiction and imagined worlds, especially those known only to introspection, beyond that which has been explored. That truly is what Gene Roddenberry wanted, " boldly go where no one has gone before" both to distant places, and to the everpresent unknown that lies in each of us....

C. David Sands, III
April 17, 1998